Synthetic Love

Check out the music video to our track 'Synthetic Love' here!

Strange Things

A while back we released this track along with the music video. Give it a listen!

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Our Story

What Inspires Us

What Inspires Us

Our story starts like any other typical band beginning... In a dusty, dirty garage with no space and a broken drum kit. Three of us decided to jam, and off the top of our heads emerged a song known as 'Spacefunk'. We knew from that moment that this was going to be a life-long journey. We later become a four-piece, when the search for the person that was as passionate about music, and as psychologically messed up as we are, was over.


What Inspires Us

What Inspires Us

What Inspires Us

Considering that we are basically clones only differing in physical appearance, we are obsessed with the idea to master all aspects of what makes a great band. Stage presence, performance skills, person-ability, technical proficiency, all built upon the foundation of striving towards the highest level of song-writing. We also maintain our sanity through a passion for martial arts, specifically brazilian jiu jitsu.


Our Influences

What Inspires Us

Our Influences

We don't want to take up your entire day with this part, so we'll just name a few. Our influences range from Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Nothing But Thieves, and Highly Suspect.  Those are the ones that could be most attributed to our sound right now. However, that doesn't change the fact that we love the likes of J. Cole, Disclosure, Flume and the list goes on. No doubt, they will become a factor of our sound evolving in time.

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This is our most recently released track!